Resources & Forms

HIV & Pregnancy Fact Sheets

A collection of fact sheets on HIV and pregnancy, including information about prevention of perinatal HIV transmission during pregnancy, childbirth and after birth.    

Emergency Pharmacy Support for Newborns with HIV Exposure

The 24/7 Illinois Perinatal HIV Hotline and Mother and Child Alliance (MACA) have partnered with Walgreen’s/C&M Specialty Pharmacy to offer emergency support for the provision of pediatric HIV prophylactic medication.

Hotline Best Practices for Labor & Delivery Care for Pregnant People Living with HIV

The 24/7 Illinois Perinatal HIV Hotline's best practices for labor & delivery and postpartum care for people living with HIV (including those with a preliminary positive rapid HIV test) and newborns with HIV exposure.

Hotline Release of Information

To be used by providers to link their patients to case management and specialty care. Once signed by the patient, the release of information authorizes the Hotline to receive and share information about the patient and their infant with identified institutions and... - Read More

IDPH Repeat Third Trimester Testing Letter

The Illinois Department of Public Health issued a Dear Colleague letter from Director Dr. LaMar Hasbrouck urging hospitals and medical providers to conduct repeat 3rd trimester testing for all pregnant people in the state. This is another way that Illinois can continue to... - Read More

Evaluation and Management of the Infant Exposed to HIV in the US - Updated Oct 2020

The American Academy of Pediatrics' updated clinical report offers guidance for clinicians on the evaluation and management of infants born to people living with HIV.  

Hotline Best Practices for Care of Infants with Perinatal Exposure to HIV

The 24/7 Illinois Perinatal HIV Hotline's best practices for the care of low-risk and high-risk infants with perinatal HIV exposure were adapted from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Recommendations for the Use of Antiretroviral Drugs During Pregnancy and... - Read More

Preliminary Positive Data Report

To be completed by Illinois hospital staff for every preliminary positve rapid HIV test result and faxed to the Mother and Child Alliance (formerly Pediatric AIDS Chicago Prevention Initiative). This form is required by the state of Illinois.

Guidelines for Voluntary HIV Testing in Illinois

A brief overview for clinicians about the HIV testing law and conducting voluntary HIV testing in Illinois. This fact sheet was prepared in August 2012 by the AIDS Legal Council of Chicago, the AIDS Foundation of Chicago, and the Pediatric AIDS Chicago Prevention... - Read More

Illinois HIV/AIDS Confidentiality and Testing Code

The State of Illinois' Joint Committee on Administrative Rules administrative code for HIV/AIDS confidentiality and testing.