Rapid HIV Testing Materials for IL Birthing Hospitals

All Illinois birthing hospitals conduct rapid HIV testing in labor and delivery units. These are the main resources that hospitals will need to perform rapid HIV testing on pregnant women.

Counseling and Testing

CDC Revised HIV Testing Recommendations in Healthcare Settings

Guidelines for Voluntary HIV Testing in Illinois

HIV Testing and Pregnancy

Repeat Third Trimester HIV Screening Resources

Rapid HIV Test Counseling on Labor and Delivery (Flip Chart)

Expedited Confirmatory HIV Testing Information

Expedited Newborn HIV-1 DNA PCR Testing Information


U.S. Public Health Service Perinatal Guidelines

IL Perinatal HIV Hotline - Care of HIV-Positive Women in Labor (Flow Chart)

IL Perinatal HIV Hotline - Best Practices for HIV-Positive Women in Labor

IL Perinatal HIV Hotline - Best Practices for Care of Infants with Perinatal Exposure to HIV

Emergency Pharmacy Support for HIV-Exposed Newborns

Linkage to Care

Hotline Release of Information Form

Overview of Hotline Case Management Services (Patient Handout)

Patient Education

Neonatal AZT Instructions (Patient Handout)

What Women Need to Know (Patient Booklet)


Preliminary Positive Data Report

Rapid HIV Testing Monthly Report for Birthing Hospitals

IDPH Adult HIV/AIDS Case Report

IDPH Pediatric HIV/AIDS Case Report

Staff Training

Rapid HIV Testing L&D Staff Competency Template

Perinatal Rapid HIV Testing Training Scenarios

Sample Policies and Procedures

Policy for HIV Counseling and Testing of Pregnant Women

Policy for Care of Pregnant and Postpartum Woman with HIV and Her Newborn