Bicillin L-A® Shortage

Bicillin L-A®

Adequately treating syphilis in pregnancy and reducing congenital syphilis cases is challenged by the current shortage of benzathine penicillin G (Bicillin L-A®). The FDA currently lists Penicillin G benzathine injectable suspension products (Bicillin L-A®) on its drug shortage webpage

The CDC offers a series of clinical reminders during the Bicillin L-A® shortage emphasizing the critical need to prioritize using Bicillin L-A® to treat pregnant people with syphilis and babies with congenital syphilis, as penicillin is the only recommended treatment for these populations. For updates on supply, click here.


To address the ongoing shortages of Bicillin L-A®, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced the availability of Extencilline (benzathine benzylpenicillin injection, powder, for suspension). The FDA has exercised enforcement discretion for a temporary importation and use of this treatment to mitigate the effects of the Bicillin L-A® drug shortage. Extencilline has been determined to be equivalent to Bicillin L-A® and is currently authorized and marketed in other countries. 

See the Illinois Department of Public Health's information regarding acquisition and use of Extencilline.

This page last updated 7/2/24