HIV Testing & Pregnancy

Routine HIV Testing

Routine HIV testing during pregnancy is a key component of perinatal HIV prevention. All pregnant people in Illinois should be tested for HIV as early in pregnancy as possible and again in the third trimester. The following materials are available to guide you in conducting HIV testing for pregnant people.

Repeat Third Trimester HIV Testing

Public Act 100-0265 was signed into law on August 22, 2017. It amended the Illinois Perinatal HIV Prevention Act to mandate a repeat opt-out HIV test during the third trimester (defined as the 27th week of pregnancy through delivery) be performed on all pregnant people in Illinois, ideally by the 36th week of pregnancy. On October 2, 2017, the Illinois Department of Public Health issued a memo outlining the new testing and reporting requirements. Implementation of this Act was expected by January 1, 2018. Below are training and educational resources that were developed to support implementation of these new requirements.

IDPH Third Trimester Repeat HIV Testing Update Training

Repeat Third Trimester HIV Screening FAQ

IDPH HB2800 Repeat Third Trimester HIV Screening Memo