Sources of Care and Support

Providers of Care

The Illinois 24/7 Perinatal HIV Hotline partners with medical providers throughout Illinois and neighboring states specializing in the care of pregnant people living with HIV and their newborns. Our partners include obstetricians, adult infectious disease physicians, and pediatric infectious disease experts.

See Providers of HIV-Related Obstetric and Pediatric Care in Illinois for a complete listing.

Support Groups

HIV and pregnancy can be very isolating. It may be helpful to seek out a support group either in person or online. There are professionals that can help pregnant people with HIV talk about their feelings, talk to partners about an HIV diagnosis, discuss safe sex options and cope with learning about an HIV diagnosis during pregnancy.

Call the Mother and Child Alliance (MACA) at 312-334-0974 for more information about organizations that offer these services.

HIV Prenatal Classes

The Mother and Child Alliance (MACA) developed prenatal classes specifically for pregnant people living with HIV entitled Making Sense of HIV and Pregnancy. These classes are designed to educate and prepare people for pregnancy, labor and delivery, and the postpartum period. Classes are held once a week for 3 consecutive weeks at various locations in Chicago. Special arrangements can be made for Spanish-speaking people and those residing outside of the Chicagoland area.

Call MACA at 312-334-0974 for information about upcoming classes.

Helpful Links

There are many excellent resources for HIV. See our Helpful Links including general HIV information, treatment guidelines and medical information, HIV testing, case management resources, and information specific to pregnant people with HIV.