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Updated Pediatric Guidelines Available - March 2016

Mar 04, 2016

The US Public Health Service released an update to the Guidelines for the Use of Antiretroviral Agents in Pediatric HIV Infection on March 1, 2016.  This update can be found on the AIDSInfo site and on our website under the USPHS Perinatal Guidelines Quick Link.

Vaginal Ring Containing ARVs May Prevent HIV-1 Transmission

Feb 26, 2016

Researchers from the MTN-020-ASPIRE Study Team looked at the use of vaginal rings containing dapivirine to determine whether these rings were effective in preventing the transmission of HIV-1 in Africa. This double-blinded, placebo-controlled trial used a monthly vaginal... Read More

Survey on HIV Prevention and Pregnancy Planning

Feb 18, 2016

The AIDS Foundation of Chicago (AFC) is in the formative stages of the Midwest HIV Prevention and Pregnancy Planning Initiative (MHPPPI), an innovative effort aimed at increasing medical providers’ capacity to meet women’s HIV prevention and pregnancy planning needs... Read More

AIDSInfo Releases HIV Guidelines App

Jan 15, 2016

AIDSInfo released an app for both iOS and Android devices that can link providers to the latest version of the HIV/AIDS Guidelines. The app can be personalized to view the information most relevant and allow the user to receive notifications when an updated version of the... Read More

Child Bearing Options for HIV-Serodiscordant Couples

Jan 14, 2016

This French cost-effectiveness analysis looked also at risks and risks of transmission of five different options for HIV-serodiscordant couples to have a biological child. The risk of transmission was found to be highest with the usage of PrEP and the lowest with... Read More

Postpartum HIV Care and Long Term Viral Suppression

Dec 31, 2015

A retrospective cohort analysis of HIV-positive women delivering in Philadelphia between 2005-2011 showed that women who engaged in care within 90 days postpartum were more likely to remain in care and have a suppressed viral load at one year after delivery.  This... Read More

Efavirenz and Reduced Effectiveness of Contraceptive Implants

Dec 31, 2015

This editorial, from the Editor-in-Chief of Global Health: Science and Practice, examines the effect of efavirenz for antiretroviral therapy on contraceptive implants. Despite the decreased efficacy of implants for women taking efavirenz (continued use contributes to... Read More

HIV and Mode of Delivery

Dec 31, 2015

An analysis of mode of delivery for HIV-infected women in Philadelphia between 2005-2013 found that a large number of women were not receiving a scheduled c-section for maternal viral load >1,000 copies/ml as recommended by the guidelines. Hispanic women and non-... Read More

PrEP in Clinical Setting Results in No New HIV Infections

Dec 30, 2015

In a large clinical practice setting, there has been an increasing amount of referrals and initiation of preexposure prophylaxis (PrEP) for the prevention of HIV transmission. In this particular group over a three year period, there were no new cases of HIV among those... Read More

HIV Medications and Hormonal Contraceptives

Dec 30, 2015

The Partners in Prevention HSVHIV Transmission Study and Partners in PrEP Study researchers looked at the effectiveness of hormonal contraceptives in preventing pregnancy for those women on antiretroviral therapy. They found that ART did not significantly diminish the... Read More