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Third Trimester Repeat HIV Testing: It's Time We Make it Universal

Jun 08, 2021

This clinical opinion piece is the Illinois Perinatal HIV Hotline team's call to action for universal repeat third trimester HIV testing as a key strategy toward perinatal HIV elimination. Citation: Cassimatis IR, Ayala LD, Miller ES, Garcia PM, Jao J, Yee LM. Third... Read More

Housing Instability and Virologic Control Among Pregnant Individuals with HIV

Jun 08, 2021

The authors, including many of the clinicians on the Illinois Perinatal HIV Hotline, examine the association between housing instability and HIV outcomes in pregnant individuals living with HIV. Citation: Cassimatis IR, Miller ES, Benes L, Levesque J, Yee LM. Housing... Read More

Safety of Early Nevirapine Therapy for Neonates at High Risk for Perinatal HIV Infection

Apr 13, 2021

This study examined the pharmacokinetics and safety of nevirapine for use in the early neonatal period. The authors found that nevirapine at the dose studied was confirmed to be safe, and that the data support nevirapine as a component of presumptive HIV treatment in high... Read More

Communication About Partner HIV Testing in the U.S.

Apr 13, 2021

This qualitative study in a high HIV prevalence U.S. city explored communication about HIV testing among pregnant HIV-negative women and their male partners. The authors suggest future research is needed to assess specific barriers to male partner HIV testing as an... Read More

Social Vulnerability among Foreign-Born Pregnant Women and Virologic Control of HIV

Feb 05, 2021

This study assessed the relationship between social vulnerability among foreign-born pregnant women living with HIV and maternal viremia during pregnancy. The authors found virologic control during pregnancy to be worse among socially-vulnerable women and recommend closer... Read More

Pregnancy Intention and Viral Suppression Among Pregnant Women with HIV

Feb 05, 2021

This study examines pregnancy intention and its relationship to achieving viral suppression by delivery. The authors found that women with an unintended pregnancy were less likely to be on antiretroviral therapy prior to initiating prenatal care and were less likely to be... Read More

Updated HHS Perinatal Guidelines Released

Dec 30, 2020

On 12/29/20, the HHS Panel on Treatment of Pregnant Women with HIV Infection and Prevention of Perinatal Transmission released the updated Recommendations for the Use of Antiretroviral Drugs in Pregnant Women with HIV Infection and Interventions to Reduce Perinatal HIV... Read More

SMFM Releases Updated Checklists for Management of HIV in Pregnancy

Dec 09, 2020

The Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine has published updated and expanded checklists to help ensure that all relevant elements are considered for every person with HIV during prepregnancy, antepartum, intrapartum, and postpartum periods. The checklists are intended to be... Read More

Data Support Nevirapine for Presumptive Treatment in High Risk Neonates

Dec 02, 2020

Recent findings from the IMPAACT P1115 study confirm the safety and therapeutic drug concentrations of a nevirapine-based antiretroviral regimen in the early neonatal period. The study's aim was to establish dosing of nevirapine for very early treatment of HIV-exposed... Read More

Updated AAP Guidance for Infants Exposed to HIV

Oct 28, 2020

Updated in October 2020, this clinical report from the American Academcy of Pediatrics provides guidance on the evaluation and management of infants born to women living with HIV. Citation: Chadwick EG. AAP Committee on Pediatric AIDS. Evaluation and management of the... Read More