Sustainability of Perinatal Rapid HIV Testing in Illinois

In this article, the authors utilized a retrospective cohort study of women delivered in Illinois hospitals (2012-2015) to assess the sustainability of Illinois' statewide program of HIV rapid testing for pregnant women presenting for delivery with unknown HIV status. They found that over 99.6% of women with undocumented status appropriately received rapid testing and the proportion who did not receive rapid testing declined. In fact, statewide perinatal HIV rapid testing resulted in nearly 100% of Illinois mother-infant dyads with known HIV status at the time of hospital discharge. This sustained success represents an important prevention safety net.


Yee LM, Miller ES, Statton A, Ayala LD, Carter SD, Borders A, Wong AE, Olszewski Y, Cohen MH. Sustainability of statewide rapid HIV testing in labor and delivery. AIDS Behav. 2017 Oct 6.


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