How must the HIV test be administered?

  • All testing of pregnant women must be voluntary. Only newborns whose mother’s HIV status from the third trimester is unknown may be tested without consent.
  • Opt-out HIV testing must be conducted for all pregnant women. They must be provided with counseling prior to HIV testing. Providers must explain that women may decline HIV testing, advise that they will be tested for HIV unless they decline, and informed how to decline testing. They must be counseled on the benefits of HIV testing, and providers must inform women that their newborn will be tested if they are not tested.
  • Any testing and test results must be documented in accordance with the AIDS Confidentiality Act (410 ILCS 305/). All counseling and acceptance or refusal of testing must be recorded in the woman’s medical records.
  • The law requires that the mother’s HIV test results be recorded in her newborn’s chart. The provider must note if the test results are not available because the mother declined testing or was not tested.
  • Testing of women in labor and newborns must be performed by a rapid HIV test.
  • Providers may be fined for violations of the AIDS Confidentiality Act, including failing to provide adequate pre-test counseling.