Positive Women's Network Releases Report on Women-Centered Care

Researchers from the Positive Women's Network-USA (PWN-USA) just released a report on the importance of women-centered care for women living with HIV. Using a community-based participatory research model, researchers interviewed women living with HIV from all over the United States, asking them what would improve their ability to stay in care for their HIV. Respondents were living in poverty, many in extreme poverty, which in turn affected not only their ability to pay for medications but access medical appointment due to transportation issues. Further results are found in the report.


Adams S, Brisco V, Clark P, Decuir S, Garza H, Jones L, Kelly P, Khanna N, Kitchen J, Moats R, Reid L, Rogers A, Sanchez C, Smith M, Turk E. Securing the Future of Women-Centered Care: Findings from a Community-Based Participatory Research Project by Women Living with HIV.  Positive Women's Network-USA. March 2016.