Int'l Antiviral Society - USA's 2012 Recommendations

After a systematic review of the current data, the International Antiviral Society - USA (formerly the International AIDS Society - USA) broadly recommends antiretroviral therapy for all HIV-infected persons, regardless of CD4 count. In addition, the Society addresses its support for the use of PrEP for those that are adherent to ART.

Thompson MA, Aberg JA< Hoy JF, Telenti A, Benson C, Cahn P, Eron JJ, Gunthard HF, Hammer SM, Reiss P, Richman DD, Rizzardini G, Thomas DL, Jacobsen DM, Voldberding PA. Antiretroviral treatment of adult HIV infection: 2012 recommendations of the International Antirviral Society-USA panel. JAMA. 2012 July 25;308(4):387-402.

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