Effect of Pregnancy on Female to Male Transmission of HIV-1

Authors looked at serodiscordant couples (both where the male was the positive partner and where the female was the positive partner) and found that changes in pregnancy increased the risk of both female (as previously demonstrated) and male (newly demonstrated) acquisition of HIV-1. Male acquisition of HIV-1 during pregnancy may be related to biologic changes the female undergoes during the pregnancy period.

Mugo N, Heffron R, Donnell D, Wald A, Were EO, Rees H, Celum C, Kiarie JN, Cohen CR, Kayintekore K, Baeten JM, for the Partners in Preventions HSVHIV Transmission Study Team. Increased risk of HIV-1 transmission in pregnancy: a prospective study among African HIV-1-serodiscordant couples. AIDS, 2011 September 24; 25(15): 1887-1895.


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