Resources & Forms

Overview of Hotline Case Management Services

This patient handout describes the Hotline case management services that are available to pregnant people living with HIV, if they provide consent by signing a Hotline release of information form.

What Women Need to Know Booklet

Developed by the FXB Center, What Women Need to Know: The HIV Treatment Guidelines for Pregnant Women is a educational booklet written at a US grade 6 reading level that provides information to pregnant women with HIV. The booklet discusses recommended antiretroviral... - Read More

HIV & Pregnancy Fact Sheets

A collection of fact sheets on HIV and pregnancy, including information about prevention of perinatal HIV transmission during pregnancy, childbirth and after birth.    

Hotline Release of Information

To be used by providers to link their patients to case management and specialty care. Once signed by the patient, the release of information authorizes the Hotline to receive and share information about the patient and their infant with identified institutions and... - Read More

Providers of HIV-Related Obstetric and Pediatric Care in Illinois

The 24/7 Illinois Perinatal HIV Hotline partners with medical providers throughout Illinois and neighboring states specializing in the care of pregnant people living with HIV and their newborns. Our partners include:   CHICAGO Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children’... - Read More

HIV Prenatal Class Information

The Mother and Child Alliance (MACA) developed prenatal classes specifically for pregnant people living with HIV entitled Making Sense of HIV and Pregnancy. These classes are designed to educate and prepare people for pregnancy, labor and delivery, and the postpartum... - Read More

HIV Prenatal Class Curriculum

Developed by the Mother and Child Alliance (MACA), Making Sense of HIV and Pregnancy, is a 3-day prenatal class specifically designed for pregnant people living with HIV.

Neonatal AZT Instructions

This patient handout, developed by the Illinois Perinatal HIV Hotline, is designed to assist parents/caretakers in administering neonatal AZT (Zidovudine, Retrovir) to their newborn infants. It includes information on timely dosing and what to do if the infant spits up... - Read More

Support Groups

HIV and pregnancy can be very isolating. It may be helpful to seek out a support group either in person or online. There are professionals that can help pregnant people with HIV talk about their feelings, talk to partners about an HIV diagnosis, discuss safe sex options... - Read More