Use of ART Prior to Conception Results in No Perinatal Transmission

Researchers with the French Perinatal Cohort (ANRS-EPF) determined that perinatal HIV transmission rate in their population was zero for women who were on ART prior to conception, continued throughout pregnancy and had an undetectable viral load at delivery. For women who started ART prior to conception, no matter the viral load at delivery, transmission rates were 0.2% and still remained less than 1% for women who initiated ART during the second trimester regardless of viral load. These results indicate that with proper treatment, perinatal HIV can be eliminated.


Mandelbrot L, Tubiana R, LeChenadec J, Dollfus C, Faye A, Pannier E, Matheron S, Khuoung MA, Garrait V, Reliquet V, Devidas A, Berrebi A, Allisy C, Elleau C, Arvieux C, Rouzioux C, Warszawski J, Blanche S; ANRS-EPF Study Group. No perinatal transmission of HIV-1 from women with effective antiretroviral therapy starting before conception. Clin Infect Dis. 2015 Jul 21. pii: civ578. [Epub ahead of print]



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