Repeat Third Trimester HIV Testing Uptake

Acceptability and feasibility of third trimester repeat HIV testing was explored following two documented cases of HIV seroconversion during pregnancy. Researchers found that most women were amenable to repeat third trimester HIV testing with the acceptance rate at 97.1%. No women were identified as HIV-positive from a repeat third trimester test in this study. Providers felt that lack of national policy and additional workload burden were the biggest barriers to performing repeat third trimester testing.

Williams B, Costello M, McHugh E, Le Prevost M, Phil-Ebosie A, Tilsed C, McSorley J, Murphy S, Brook G, Williams A. Repeat antenatal HIV testing in the third trimester: a study of feasibility and maternal uptake rates. HIV Med. 2014 Jul;15(6):362-6.



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