Perinatal ART Exposure and Prevented Perinatal Infections in the United States

Using published estimates for the United States, the authors calculated the number of perinatally exposed and infected infants born during 1978-2010, the number of perinatal HIV cases prevented, and the number of infants exposed to antiretroviral drugs during the prenatal and intrapartum periods. They concluded that PMTCT interventions have prevented nearly 22,000 cases of perinatal HIV transmission in the United States since 1994.


Little KM, Taylor AW, Borkowf CB, Mendoza MC, Lampe MA, Weidle PJ, Nesheim SR. Perinatal antiretroviral exposure and prevented mother-to-child HIV infections in the era of antiretroviral prophylaxis in the United States, 1994-2010. Pediatr Infect Dis J. 2016 Sep 30.


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