Opt-in Approach to Prenatal HIV Screening Inferior to Opt-out

A recent study of the opt-in approach to prenatal HIV screening concluded that this approach leads to inferior screening rates when compared to the opt-out approach. With opt-in screening, 29% of women were not screened for HIV during prenatal care and the approach was highly provider dependent. The authors advocate for an opt-out approach to prenatal HIV screening and encourage states with opt-in policies to consider adopting an opt-out approach.


Almario CV, Moskowitz EJ, Koran J, Berman B, Pracilio VP, Crawford A, Baxter JK. Examining the effectiveness of an opt-in approach to prenatal human immunodeficiency virus screening. Am J Obstet Gynecol. 2010 Feb;202(2):159.e1-6.

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