Missed Opportunities in Perinatal HIV Prevention

The Enhanced Perinatal Surveillance (EPS) data collected in 10 states and 5 cities from 2005-2008 showed a number of missed opportunities for prevention of transmission of HIV from mom to baby. Overall, 60% of women did not receive all the recommended interventions to prevent transmission. These misses were higher among women aged 25 or older and among injection drug users. Routinely engaging women in care and using all available interventions, especially for those that are older or injection drug users, will contribute to decreasing perinatal HIV transmission.

Whitmore SK, Patel-Larson A, Espinoza L, Ruffo NM, Rao S. Missed opportunities to prevent perinatal human immunodeficiency virus transmission in 15 jurisdictions in the United States during 2005-2008. Women health. 2010 Jul;50(5):414-25.

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