Factors Associated with Declining a Rapid HIV Test

A secondary analysis of data from the Mother-Infant Rapid Intervention at Delivery (MIRIAD) study found that decliners of rapid HIV testing in labor and delivery were more likely to have received prenatal care. Testing in labor and delivery was seen as redundant, although in some cases women may have believed they were tested when in fact they were not. Additionally, there was a lack of documentation and timely communciation about HIV status between prenatal care providers and labor and delivery units. The findings support current CDC and ACOG recommendations to offer rapid HIV testing via an opt-out approach to all women who present to labor and delivery with undocumented HIV status.


Tan KR, Lampe MA, Danner SP, Kissinger P, Webber MP, Cohen MH, O'Sullivan MJ, Nesheim S, Jamieson DJ. Factors associated with declining a rapid human immunodeficiency virus test in labor and delivery. Matern Child Health J. 2010 Jan 10.

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