Exposure In Utero to ARVs and Risk of Birth Defects

Researchers from the French Perinatal Cohort Study examined in utero exposure to antiretrovirals during the first trimester and whether this exposure resulted in birth defects.  Specifically, researchers determined that first trimester exposure to zidovudine resulted in an increased risk of heart defects, however they caution that any benefit gained by using zidovudine to prevent perinatal transmission far outweighs the risk of heart defects.


Sibiude J, Mandelbrot L, Blanche S, Le Chenadec J, Boullag-Bonnet N, Faye A, Dollfus C, Tubiana R, Bonnet D, Lelong N, Khoshnood B, Warszawski J. Association between perinatal exposure to antiretroviral therapy and birth defects: an analysis of the French perinatal cohort study (ANRS CO1/CO11). PLoS Med. 2014 Apr 29;11(4):e1001635.



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