Routine HIV testing during prenatal care is an effective way to achieve timely identification of HIV in pregnant people. The Hotline can assist you in referring your patient to a provider in your area specialized in the care of pregnant people living with HIV as well as link your patient to a safety net of services. The Hotline maintains a comprehensive directory of medical and social service resources for every county in Illinois.

High-risk patients often fall through the cracks in the medical system and fail to receive necessary treatment and care. For this purpose, the Hotline collaborates with the Mother and Child Alliance's perinatal enhanced case management program. The enhanced case manager can link the patient to HIV/OB care, provide transportation and/or escort to medical appointments, and assist with any and all other social service needs.

The Hotline serves all of Illinois. The Hotline can assist with linkage to HIV/OB care and social services for pregnant people living with HIV and newborns no matter where they live in the state.

By calling the Illinois Perinatal HIV Hotline you can request linkage with perinatal enhanced case management. You will be faxed (or you can print from this site) a release of information form that the client must sign in order to be contacted by the case manager.