Ana's Story

A patient too scared to tell anyone about her HIV status obtains the support she needs to care for herself and her family.

A nurse in an urban hospital calls the Hotline because she is concerned about “Ana”, a woman living with HIV who just gave birth and did not disclose her status to hospital staff before delivery. Ana was identified through a preliminary positive rapid HIV test and the nurse is concerned that she won’t follow-up with her newborn’s AZT treatment and pediatric appointments.

Hotline staff describes the enhanced case management program and the nurse offers the service to Ana. She accepts and the Hotline dispatches an enhanced case manager to the hospital for immediate post-test counseling and support.

The case manager accompanies Ana and her baby to follow-up appointments and assists with social service needs to ensure successful linkage to care. Ana attends her HIV care appointments and the follow-up appointments for her baby who is eventually confirmed negative. With the case manager’s support and encouragement, Ana’s older child is also tested for HIV and is found to be negative.