Research/News - 2012

Influence of Relationships and Religion on Reproduction

Aug 14, 2012

Authors sampled HIV-positive mothers in one US state and asked about current parenting experiences, desire for another child, spirituality/religion, and other social factors and found that religion and partner's desire for another child were significantly associated with... Read More

Effect of Pregnancy on Female to Male Transmission of HIV-1

Aug 14, 2012

Authors looked at serodiscordant couples (both where the male was the positive partner and where the female was the positive partner) and found that changes in pregnancy increased the risk of both female (as previously demonstrated) and male (newly demonstrated) acquisition... Read More

Editorial on AIDS-Free Generation

Aug 10, 2012

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) head discusses the gains we've made with antiretroviral therapy making the idea of elimination of mother-to-child transmission and the possibility of an AIDS-free generation a reality. He advocates for... Read More

Seroconversion During Pregnancy and Perinatal Transmission

Aug 09, 2012

Researchers at the CDC found an eight-fold increase in perinatal transmission of HIV in those women that seroconverted during pregnancy compared to those that seroconverted prior to pregnancy. This statistic strengthens the case for early HIV testing during pregnancy and... Read More

Preparing for Pregnancy with HIV

Aug 08, 2012

Preconception care is vital to prevent unplanned pregnancies in HIV-positive women, optimize the woman's health prior to a planned pregnancy, prevent perinatal transmission, and prevent transmission to the HIV-negative partner during conception. Authors summarize important... Read More

Long Term Infant Outcomes Post-Exposure to ART in Utero

Aug 08, 2012

Researchers from the DART trial in Uganda and Zimbabwe studied long term effects of in utero exposure to ART in infants born to HIV-positive mothers. Overall infant mortality rate of 5% was similar to that in the general population. In addition, there were not increases... Read More

HAART increases time to clear HIV antibodies in uninfected children

Aug 07, 2012

Researchers did a retrospective study of HIV-exposed infants who did not contract HIV to determine the legnth of time before maternal HIV antibodies were undetectable in the infants. It was determined that seroreversion occurred at a later age than previously reported as... Read More

Early Knowledge of HIV Status Could Prevent Some Perinatal Transmission

Aug 07, 2012

Participants enrolled in the NISDI Perinatal or LILAC studies in Latin America or the Caribbean who had HIV-positive infants were studied in terms of timing of transmission, and possible missed opportunites for prevention of transmission. Researchers determined that early... Read More

Illinois Law and Voluntary HIV Testing

Aug 07, 2012

The ACLU, AIDS Legal Council of Chicago (ALCC), AIDS Foundation of Chicago (AFC), and the Pediatric AIDS Chicago Prevention Initiative (PACPI) released an updated guide for clinicians regarding conducting voluntary HIV testing within the parameters of the Illinois law.... Read More

Point-of-Care CD4 Testing and ART

Aug 02, 2012

Authors found that the point-of-care test performed no worse than lab testing in both pregnant and non-pregnant individuals. This may assist in more quickly identifying those pregnant women needing to start antiretroviral therapy during pregnancy, especially in resource-... Read More