Research/News - 2012

Pap Screening Low Among HIV-Infected Adolescents

Sep 05, 2012

The LEGACY cohort study found that sexually-active adolescents with HIV were less likely to have had cervical pap screens than their HIV-negative peers. Additionally, perinatally-infected teens were less likely to have current pap screens than behaviorally-infected teens... Read More

HIV Resistance Due to ARV Use Only During Pregnancy

Sep 05, 2012

Researchers in the P1022 Study Team found evidence of drug resistance frequently in women who stopped ARVs (either nelfinavir-based or nevirapine-based) after delivery. This resistance was more frequent for women on the nelfinavir-based treatment protocol. Research... Read More

Possible Increased Risk of Perinatal HIV Transmission in Women with Perinatally-Acquired HIV

Sep 05, 2012

Researchers compared women with perinatally-aquired HIV versus those with behaviorally-acquired HIV for pregnancy outcomes. Neither group in this study had perinatal transmission to their infant, however those women with perinatally-acquired HIV had statistically higher... Read More

Desire for Children and Current HIV Treatments

Sep 04, 2012

Authors surveyed HIV-positive women in the United Kingdom around desires for children. Overall, 45% of women said knowing they had HIV did not change their fertility intentions. While a third of the women initially did not want additional children after receiving an HIV... Read More

Women Have Unique HIV Treatment Needs

Sep 04, 2012

Women who are racial/ethnic minorities are disproportionally affected by HIV in the United States. Recent attention directed toward this population is contributing to new strategies for prevention, testing, and treatment that are hoped to create better outcomes for this... Read More

PrEP for Women in Serodiscordant Couples

Aug 30, 2012

The authors feel that pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP, is a valuable tool for women who are not infected with HIV but in a relationship with a HIV-positive man and trying to conceive. In order for it to be best used, it needs to be affordable, embraced by providers as an... Read More

Congenital Anomalies and HAART During Pregnancy

Aug 30, 2012

Congential anomalies, including cardiac anomalies seem to be slightly higher in HIV-positive women on antiretrovirals during pregnancy. The rates found in this study are similar to previous studies, Aside from the teratogenic effect of efavirenz, no other ARV was found to... Read More

Coping of African-American Women Living with HIV

Aug 15, 2012

The authors extensively interviewed 30 African American women to determine how they moved forward from their HIV diagnosis and learned to live with the disease. They found that various non-profits assisted in the shift of their belief of HIV as a death sentence. Citation... Read More

Effect of Pregnancy on Female to Male Transmission of HIV-1

Aug 14, 2012

Authors looked at serodiscordant couples (both where the male was the positive partner and where the female was the positive partner) and found that changes in pregnancy increased the risk of both female (as previously demonstrated) and male (newly demonstrated) acquisition... Read More

Influence of Relationships and Religion on Reproduction

Aug 14, 2012

Authors sampled HIV-positive mothers in one US state and asked about current parenting experiences, desire for another child, spirituality/religion, and other social factors and found that religion and partner's desire for another child were significantly associated with... Read More