Use of Text Messages to Support Pregnant, HIV-Positive Women Increased Infant Testing

A randomized controlled trial in sub-Saharan Africa looked at the use of text messaging to keep mothers in care postpartum and increase rates of infant HIV testing. Those women who received text messages during and after pregnancy had significantly higher rates of early infant HIV testing than those in the control group, however both groups showed increased uptake of early testing. Additionally, text messaging improve postpartum appointment attendance despite the fact that overall attendance remained low in both groups. This is a possible tool for sub-Saharan African nations to use to contribute to perinatal HIV prevention in that region.


Odeny TA, Bukusi EA, Cohen CR, Yuhas K, Camlin CS, McClelland RS. Texting improves testing: a randomized trial of two-way SMS to increase postpartum prevention of mother-to-child transmission retention and infant testing. AIDS. 2014 Sep 24;28(15):2307-12.



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