Enhanced case management is designed specifically for women with extra needs. It is a field-based service intended for women who have difficulty linking or staying linked to care.

Case managers can assist clients with referrals to prenatal and postpartum medical care, food and housing assistance, mental health and substance abuse treatment, and transportation or other social service needs including meeting with family and partners.

The case managers follow the client throughout the pregnancy and up to six months postpartum. The client may terminate the services at any time.

The enhanced case manager is VERY SENSITIVE to the confidential nature of the HIV diagnosis and the preliminary positive HIV status. The case manager is not allowed, by law, to disclose this information to anyone without the client’s specific permission.

The laws vary from state to state, but in Illinois persons living with HIV engaging in “intimate contact” with another person must disclose their HIV status. It is important to prepare the woman to have that discussion with her partner(s) and also to encourage the partners to get tested. Some women will prefer to disclose their status to their partners in the presence of a health care professional who can help answer questions.

Many women will want their partners to get tested right away. The local health department or Illinois’ 1-800-AID-AIDS hotline can provide you with confidential HIV testing sites in your area. The testing of siblings should be addressed within the care plan developed. Local children’s hospitals are sensitive to the issues around HIV testing for siblings. A referral for a local resource for testing can be obtained through the 24/7 Illinois Perinatal HIV Hotline. The earlier HIV is diagnosed, whether in a partner or a child, the better the chances of a long and healthy life.